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View of Mount Kilimanjaro from Simba Camp, along the Rongai route. There are three tents in the foreground, along with the sign denoting camp location.

For quite some time I’ve been thinking about what type of blog I want to have. Arguably, I’ve been trying to figure things out since I first started to teach myself to code back in eighth grade (hey, remember Geocities?) Since then I’ve been working on finding my voice and with my recent trip to climb Kilimanjaro, I think that perhaps I’ve figured out what type of presence I want to have.

Alyson leaning into the frame excidetly with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. She is wearing sunglasses and a winter hat.

In preparing to climb Kili with WHOA Travel, I found myself searching for information that was geared specifically towards plus size people in teaching them about what it means to be outdoors, what to expect while camping and hiking (and how to work through common issues we face), and good quality equipment that would actually accommodate my size 24 body.

So, what now? I’m a librarian at heart which to me means communicating what I’ve learned with the rest of the world, to connect people with the information they’re seeking. Data was lacking and now I’m here to contribute what I’ve learned.

So, here are some things you’ll (probably) find on this blog:

  • Clothing and gear recommendations
  • Shoutouts to positive people/companies I’ve met along the way
  • Pictures
  • A fair amount of sarcasm
  • (Excited) shouting about Captain Marvel and other comic-related things
  • Pictures of dogs, most notably my Annabelle

After that? Well, we’ll see what’s next.

In the meantime as I write my next post, please feel free to visit me on Instagram, Twitter, and check out my About page.

Cheers, AMA

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